Aircraft Parking

Aircraft parking is available at any yellow "T" in front of the hangars or operations building.
(please avoid red "T"s or any coned off areas)

Communications and Navigation:

Unicom: 123.05 Mhz (formerly 122.8 Mhz)

Patuxent Approach: 127.95 Mhz

Patuxent Approach Remote (on the ground): 121.75 Mhz

ASOS (weather): 119.025 Mhz

The following links are PDF files of our four instrument approaches
NOTE: These are not kept up to date, and are for information purposes only!
(this set uploaded September 26th, 2010):

Localizer to Runway 14 (ADF required - IAF and missed appr hold)
VOR A off of Salisbury VOR (Circle to Land)
GPS to Runway 14
GPS to Runway 02
GPS to Runway 32 (Note: IAF is 10 miles out over the ocean)